Bryan has allowed some of the best DJs in the world remix his 1985 hit ‘Don’t Stop The Dance’. The track was originally the third single from the chart-topping album ‘Boys & Girls’, and featured long-serving guest musicians Nile Rodgers, Andy Newmark and Marcus Miller to name but a few.

Derry’s studio hand-picked the producers to Re-Make/Re-Model the track in various guises, enlisting recent DJ collaborators Todd Terje, Eric Duncan and Greg Wilson, along with some new faces to the Nu-Disco genre.

Although all the producers have a similar style, they have managed to each create a different take on this gem of the catalogue. The Idjut boys for example create a swirling storm from Nile Rodgers’ guitars, whereas Todd Terje recreates the song with new strings and synths.

As per previous remix endeavours, we have given a shot at the limelight to one of our in-house team. Liam Duggan (AKA ‘Grasshopper’) has been our tour Keyboard programmer for several years, and his Bristol-esq Dub mix is certainly a highlight.