We’re very sorry to hear that there seems to be a defect with some copies of Bryan Ferry’s ‘Jazz Age’ 12″ LP. A few fans in the USA have complained of distortion on Side Two of the record, specifically on ‘I thought’.

We have tested samples extensively and can confirm that though the vast majority are of excellent quality, a small, isolated batch of records are not up to the standard we would normally require of ourselves. Testing has shown this to be the result of a scratch on the stampers, which would have been picked up during a changeover to fresh ones towards the end of the run.

If you believe your record to be at fault, please send your copy to:

The Vinyl Factory,
120 Blyth Road,
Middlesex. UB3 1SY. UK.

We will happily test and send a replacement copy in the post. Please make sure you include a return address within your package.