Roxy is slang for something that is both sexy and swanky. A person of means and impeccable taste, for instance, might drive a roxy new Rolls-Royce.

The best definition of the word, however, remains Bryan Ferry. That’s been the case now for 40 years, beginning when he founded the influential art-rock band Roxy Music in 1971 and continuing up through more than a dozen solo albums.

And it certainly was the case when the 66-year-old crooner, who looks a good 15 years younger, brought his long-awaited North American tour to the Fox Theater in Oakland on Friday night.

Appearing before the fawning crowd in a dapper dark suit and tie, Ferry exhibited more style, grace and confidence simply walking across the stage and to his microphone than most rock stars manage during entire careers.

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TEXT: Jim Harrington
PHOTO: Ray Chavez