Olympia – Remix Tab

To coincide with Olympia’s release, Bryan and the Studio team commissioned over thirty remixes of the album’s tracks. It all started with the singles ‘You Can Dance’ and ‘Shameless’, but Bryan got so into it, that we ended-up having remixes done of every track on the record!

Because ‘You Can Dance’ and ‘Shameless’ are effectively dance tracks – it all started quite upbeat, with most of the remixes being of the Disco / Electronica genre. But by the end we had quite a varied bag of tricks, with great ambient versions of ‘Me Oh My’ / ‘Tender’ / ‘Siren’ and Metamorfozy’s incredible ‘Reason or Rhyme’.

It really was a team effort, with the Olympia production team of Simon Willey, John Monkman and Johnson Somerset all submitting great versions of tracks they had toiled over for years!