The promoter has cancelled this weekend’s concert in Norway.
Saturday August 27, Festningen 2011 cancelled

“We are sorry to announce that the planned concert on Saturday August 27 is cancelled. The Board of Directors at Festningen 2011 does not find it financially viable to the go through with the planned festival. The decision has been made on the basis of low ticket sales after both the cancellation of the headliner Duran Duran and the terrorist attacks on July 22. The event has a capacity of 15,000 people with a very high production costs.

The original artists were Duran Duran, Primal Scream and Bryan Ferry. Unfortunately Duran Duran had to cancel their whole tour because of Simon Le Bon’s voice problems.

We just had time to announce Robyn before the tragedy on July 22. Norway stood still for three weeks after this. Like everyone else we were shocked and the terrible terrorist attacks took the focus away from the positive experience a concert should be.

Festningen 2011 are terribly sorry about the cancellation and especially wants to express its regret towards the fans of the artists who were supposed to play. ”