4. Love Me Madly Again

Are you still cutting it on the street?
Do you, do you make savage love when you meet?
In the zig-zag shadows that promise much?

Don’t talk about it, show me
Talkin’ about it’s, easy
Don’t talk about it, love me up

Is that lightning exciting ya quite as much?
Would I could feel it, would I could touch

Don’t talk about it, it’s not the same
Love me madly, once again

Don’t make it easy for me
Some like it tough you see
Loving is easy for me
A whole lotta love has passed this way, this way

(don’t talk about it) show me
(talkin’ about it’s) easy
(don’t talk about it) love me up

Is it as passionate as it seemed?
Was it for real or some kind of dream?

Don’t talk about it
It’s not the same
Love me madly
Once again

And should we meet again
Uncertain, out of reach
On the other side of time
Barriers broken
Thoughts entwine
Never words spoken
Love me madly again

And who can draw the line
A strand from me to you
A world apart, a smile
Loving is easy, hard to end
Love letter’s tearing,
Love me madly again

And when you find the time
Let’s share a silk caress
Somewhere for a while
Mirror to mirror
Frame on frame
Within without you
Love me madly again