3. One Kiss


Now is the moment
Here is the place
And soon’s the time to go
Seein’s believin’ or so he thought once
Now he’s not so sure
One kiss, one for the road, what is more?
One kiss, roughly expressing all that lips are for

Where do they come from, doesn’t she speak?
Where can they go from here?
Forever or never or once in a while
Their situation’s clear
One kiss, never too late to miss
One too many a broken-up affair – like this

Spinning together drifting away
The song of love is strange
A never ending “see you soon”
Too late, the music’s changed
One kiss, what kind of end is this?
One more touching impression, one lost love, one kiss

Just as he’s trying to open the door
He fumbles with the key
Clumsily playing for time without words
Some things you can only feel
One kiss, lost in shade
One tear, ever so slowly falling left to fade