Avonmore – The Remix Album Out Now

Avonmore Remixes2014’s critically acclaimed Avonmore album gets some very special remix treatment by a selection of DJs and producers from around the globe. Leo Zero, Ray Mang, Prins Thomas, Justin Robertson, Leftside Wobble, Idjut Boys, Man Power and many more all serve up some new versions of the originals.

Get the specially-priced 20-track digital-only album from iTunes at or the massive 30-track extended edition in full lossless audio from Juno Downloads.

A selection of Avonmore Remixes are also available now on 2 limited bespoke 12” vinyls from The VinylFactory

Extended Edition Track List
1. Loop De Li (Leo Zero remix)
2. Loop De Li (Ray Mang remix)
3. Midnight Train (Johnson Somerset remix)
4. Midnight Train (Man Power remix)
5. Midnight Train (Idjut Boys House remix)
6. Soldier Of Fortune (Beard Of Concern Stripped remix)
7. Driving Me Wild (Johnson Somerset remix)
8. Driving Me Wild (Leftside Wobble dub remix)
9. Driving Me Wild (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s remix)
10. Driving Me Wild (Leo Zero dub remix)
11. Driving Me Wild (Ray Mang instrumental dub remix)
12. Avonmore (Idjut Boys remix)
13. Avonmore (Prins Thomas remix)
14. Avonmore (Johnson Somerset remix)
15. Lost (Johnson Somerset remix)
16. One Night Stand (PBR Streetgang remix)
17. One Night Stand (Johnson Somerset remix)
18. Send In The Clowns (Hidden Orchestra remix)
19. Send In The Clowns (Leftside Wobble remix)
20. Johnny & Mary (Ulrich Schnauss remix)
21. Loop De Li (Leo Zero extended dub remix)
22. Loop De Li (Ay Mang’s Let’s Be Frank Disco edit)
23. Midnight Train (Idjut Boys dub remix)
24. Midnight Train (Idjut Boys vocal dub remix)
25. Midnight Train (Idjut Boys House dub remix)
26. Driving Me Wild (Leo Zero Nile-strumental)
27. Driving Me Wild (Ray Mang dub remix)
28. Driving Me Wild (Synapson remix)
29. Avonmore (Idjut Boys dub remix)
30. Send In The Clowns (Metamorfozy remix)