4. Whirlwind


May Day – cut down to size again
What then when less is more my friend

I’ll change – let me start again
Disguise – it’s too weird to explain
Why I’ll always call your name
Perdu, with you I could be anything
That I want to be… or sting

Whirlwind wildfire and driving rain
Wheels spin bowl me over hurricane
Whirlwind crack your cheeks and blow
Me far so far
How far is Shangri-La from here?
And is it this way?

There she blows tear me down tornado
Whirlpool drag me to the deeps below
Whirlwind will a wildcat strike be tame
Earthquake shake me to my feet again
It’s crosswords go you near
A fatal clue I fear
This case is closed
Elementary, my dear
Whirl, whirlwind