2. Beauty Queen


Valerie please believe it never could work out
The time to make plans has passed faded away
Oooh the way you look makes my starry eyes shiver
Then I look away too much for one day

One thing we share is an ideal of beauty
Treasure so rare that even devils might care
Your swimming pool eyes in sea breezes they flutter
The coconut tears heavy lidded they shed
Swaying palms at your feet you’re the pride of your street

While you worship the sun summer lover of fun
Gold number with neighbours who said that you’ll go far
Maybe someday be a star a fast mover like you
And your dreams will all come true

All of my hope and my inspiration
I drew from you
Our life’s patterns drawn in sand
But the winds could not erase the memory of your face

Deep in the night playing very strange cargo
Our soul-ships pass by
solo trips to the stars – in the sky

Gliding so far that the eye cannot follow
Where do they go? We’ll never know…