1. The Thrill Of It All


The sky is dark the wind is cold
The night is young before it’s old and grey
We will know the thrill of it all

The time has come it’s getting late
It’s now or never don’t hesitate or stall
When I call don’t spoil
The thrill of it all

And before you go to sleep at night
Preying shadows, do they ask you why?
And in the morning through the afternoon
Do you wonder where you’re going to?

Every word I use each crumpled page
Strange ideas mature with age
Like leaves oh when autumn falls
Turn gold then they hit the ground

Every time I hear the latest sound
It’s pure whiskey reeling round and around
My brain oh and all of that jive
It’s driving me wild the dizzy spin I’m in

Everywhere I look I see your face
I hear your name it’s all over the place
Hey girl though you’re gone
Still I recall the thrill of it all

You might as well know what is right for you
And make the most of what you like to do
For all the pleasure that’s surrounding you
Should compensate for all you’re going through

So if you’re feeling fraught with mental strain
Too much thinking’s got you down again
Well let your senses skip stay hip
Keep cool to the thrill of it all

When you try too much you lose control
Pressure rises and so I’m told
Something’s got to give
Oy weh high life ecstacy
You might as well live

I can’t see I can’t speak I couldn’t take more than another week
Without you, oh no so I will drink my fill till the thrill is you

Oh the thrill of it all oh the thrill of it all
No I won’t forget the thrill of it all
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no