Bryan Ferry, from Avonmore

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Monday November 17th sees the release of Avonmore, the new studio album from Bryan Ferry. After his beguiling detour into The Jazz Age and a significant contribution to Bazz Luhrmann’s hit film of The Great Gatsby, Ferry returns to the present day with a compelling collection of eight brand new compositions and two intriguing more

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Baz Luhrmann spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the music for the film. Below is an excerpt. THR: How did you come to work with the Bryan Ferry Orchestra on the movie and this jazz album? Luhrmann: It was unbelievably serendipitous. In a million years, I would never have thought Bryan Ferry would have hadread more

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By Richard Williams Dear, doomed F. Scott Fitzgerald found a phrase to describe the sounds that accompanied the party scenes in The Great Gatsby, his most celebrated novel. He called it “yellow cocktail music”, and if you have an ounce of music in your soul then you will know exactly what he meant. And hereread more

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