Mick Rock GLAM! Gift Tin
£20.00 / 24.20 EUR (Bandstores EXCLUSIVE)

Including high print quality booklet and exclusive 7 inch single ‘Virginia Plain’ b/w ‘The Numberer’ by Roxy Music. The booklet will have 128 pages of Micks iconic Glam Rock photos, plus rarely published and previously unseen photos, uncluding some of Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry. All the images have been remastered by Mick.

The booklet features a full introduction, captions by Mick and quotes from various ‘Glam’ rockers including Bryan Ferry. Other “Tins” in the series include David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Syd Barrett.

Last year Mick Rock was at Bryan Ferry’s Studio shooting Playboy’s “Rock the Rabbit” campaign for the April 2011 issue.