5. If It Takes All Night


Oh here it comes that old ennui
I hope it won’t stay long
Well it’s every man to his own thing
And every singer to his song

If you’re feeling low and all upset
Nothing’s going right
You just make a wish like in a fairy tale
And I’ll bewitch you if it takes all night

There are many things that I could say
To try and comfort you
But I know the words you’d like to hear
Are simply “I love you”

Sometimes I’m up sometimes I’m down
A topsy-turvy life
But I’m only searching for the truth
And I’ll find it if it takes all night

Well I myself
My main concern
Is what I can afford
So if music be my mistress
Then at least she’s Madame Claude, d’accord

Ah, more champagne!
To lose this pain
Would be very nice
So I’ll help myself to one more drink
And I’ll find myself
If it takes all night