2. Just Like You


Buttercups daisies and most anything
They wither and fade
After blossom in Spring
Time conquers innocence
Pride takes a fall
In knowledge lies wisdom
That’s all

Everything changes
Weather blows hot or cold
Through alchemy iron turns gold
Quicksilver baby
So hard to pin down
Oh when are you coming around?

Hopelessly grounded
I walk through the streets
Remembering how we spent time
Hopefully yearning that someday we’ll meet
But when will we, how could we, why? Oh my!

Fashion houses ladies
Need plenty loose change
When the latest creation
Is last year’s fab-rave

Thought patterns hazy
This auto-style age
Will lady luck smile old and sage
She knows that never again, no
Will I give up my heart
To gamble with fate is my crime
Nevertheless love, it’s all here in my book
I’d write it but don’t have much time

You see I know it sounds crazy
But what can I do
I’ve fallen head over heels over you

Chameleon colour all phases of moon
The shifting of planets and leopard spots too
As destiny wills it so seasons will change Just like you